Groups and Private Charters

Private charter barges are for those who truly want to relax in a stress free environment with fine food and wine, enjoy the delights of the countryside passing by, and get to know the "soul of the country." On private charter departures, all cabins on board are reserved for the exclusive use of the chartering part, which may be a family or a group of friends vacationing together.

Our Group Department can help you put together your own itinerary and cruise program to suit your particular timetable, budget, and reguirements, and make sure that you take advantage of the abundant travel benefits available only from France Cruises:
France Cruises offers a vast variety of cruising experiences and can help you select the type of cruise and region that best fits the interests of your potential traveling companions. Recommended options are usually based on the interest of the group (theme cruises can be arranged), region, length of tour, time of year you plan to travel and the number of activities and excursions.
 Group Barging

Not sure if you want a barge cruise, tandem cruise or riverboat cruise?
Look below for descriptions and information on each.

Barge Cruises
Luxury barges are smaller vessels, accommodating a small number of passengers, usually from 4 to a maximum of 24. The cruises usually include all gourmet meals with wine, all shore excursions, "open bar," and bicycles for the use of the guests. These vessels cruise on small waterways, mostly canals. The purpose of a barge cruise is not to rush from Point A to Point B, but to relax in a stress free environment with fine food and wine, enjoy the delights of the countryside you are passing through, and get to know the "soul of the country." Click here to explore our private charter barge cruises.

Barging in Tandem
Tandem cruising can accommodate up to 28 passengers by positioning two barges on the same waterway. Tandem cruising allows plenty of opportunity to sample the cuisine of another chef, host cocktail parties and enjoy the relaxed refinement encountered whilst cruising in company. In addition to the daily excursions enjoyed along the cruise routes, we can arrange tennis tournaments, bicycling rallies, golf competitions and more! Click here to explore our tandem cruises.

Riverboat Cruises
Riverboats accommodate 120+ passengers and navigate the major waterways of the country -- Rhone and Seine Rivers. On a river cruise, you will sail from one fascinating city to another, sometimes stopping at small romantic villages, visiting fairytale castles and lush vineyards. For covering more territory and visiting larger cities, pick a river cruise. River ships might travel up to 80 miles in a day (sometimes sailing overnight). Click here to explore our riverboat cruises.

Hotel Barge vs Riverboat
Aboard the river ships you will find more public space than on a barge; elegant dining rooms, spacious sun decks, comfortable lounges, fitness facilities, and sometimes swimming pools. Laundry service is available on most river ships, but not on most barges.
On a riverboat cruise, all meals on board are included in the cruise price, but your bar tab is charged to your shipboard account. The shore excursions may be optional at a supplemental cost.
Hotel Barge cruises are all inclusive: gourmet meals, open bar, guided excursions, all in a more personalized manner.

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